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k̓ʷɬ- within

A spot inside the tree; a spot among the leaves; the entire region within the tree’s space, under it.

k̓ʷɬ-, within, the entirety within; within the extent of a time period, within life, within life’s experience, within the event/activity; within/under an object.


As a spatial representation, k̓ʷɬ-, indicates the entire space contained under an object, not just a point within this space but the entirety of the space. In nselišcn worldview the space under objects is seen as contained space. The upper limit is the underside of the object. The lower limit is the surface the object associates with, on or over.


As a temporal representation, k̓ʷɬ-, indicates an entire time period. Time and reality are seen as contained. When referencing time, k̓ʷɬ- is used to represent the whole time from start to finish or from start to current time. Time is seen as a position in reality with current time the head position and the past a trailing position. Events have the same shape. When referencing events such as a lifetime, year, day, breakfast, etc., it indicates the entirety of the event.

As a superlative, it means to go within or draw upon experience to boost activity or outcome. Experience is one’s life which takes the form of a tubular shape. To draw upon experience is to go within it.

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