-ep, base, primal

Lexical suffix, –ep (w/ stressed stems, -p), base, primal, is locative and derivational. It indicates primacy in time, in the first starting position, first/beginning time; base/foundation.

  • -apqn, top of the base, base of the top, back of head. (-ep, -qin)
  • -elp, substitute. (-el, -ep)
  • -elps, neck. (-el, -ep, -us)
  • -elpstšn, thigh. (-el, -ep, -us, -t, -šin)
  • -eɬp, plant, tree, floor, bed. (-eɬ, -ep)
  • -épeɁ, chin. (-ep, -eɁ)
  • épleɁ, outwardly connected. (-ep, -el, -eɁ)
  • -epls, testicle. (-ep, -el, -us)
  • -epɬ, anus, buttocks. (-ep, -eɬ)
  • -épneɁ, jaw, lower mouth. (-ep, -éneɁ)
  • -epšn, heel. (-ep, -šin)
  • hep, just after the beginning of something. (-h, -ep)
  • -lk̓ʷp, firewood, fuel. (-el, -k̓ʷ, -ep)
  • -posqn, lips. (-ep, -us, -qin)
  • -posx̌n, upper arm. (-ep, -us, -ax̌n)
  • -pustšn, step. (-ep, -us, -t, -šin)
  • xʷep, the essence of the beginning of something, the form of the. (-xʷ, -ep)
  • sč̓mep, starting position, the beginning.
  • ewtep, the first one behind; following
  • x̌cep, arrive late, passed the start.
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