-ičn̓šn, sole

Lexical suffix, -ičn̓šn (w/ stressed-stem, -čn̓šn), sole/bottom of the foot, is locative and derivational. It indicates the under portion of a foot, leg. This is generally the sole or bottom of the foot.

Lexical suffix ičn̓šn is a compound of suffixes, ičn̓, adjacent, and šin, outward expression.

  • nq̓ʷq̓ʷsm̓ičn̓šn (truncated, nq̓ʷq̓ʷsm̓i -> also, nq̓ʷq̓ʷosm̓i ), little bunched in together foot pads, dog. (n-q̓ʷ-q̓ʷs-m̓-ičn̓šn)
    • q̓ʷis, the state of being clustered or bunched together; to be curled in on itself, as scorched pine needles.
    • [C1]-/C1VC2/ + [R], diminutive reduplication. q̓ʷ-q̓ʷis-m̓, it has a little thing bunched in together on itself (from q̓ʷism, s/he/it has it bunched in on itself). Resonant consonants in the stem-word are glottalized through diminutive morphological processes, represented here as, + [R].
    • -m, middle form, valency increasing (statives), valency decreasing (transitives) Used to increase or decrease transitivity to the neutral position.
    • n-, inside, the focus of.
    • -ičn̓šn, sole/bottom of the foot. (-ičn̓, back; –šin, foot, interact)
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