-útyeɁ, makeshift

Lexical suffix, -útyeɁ (also, -útiyeɁ), makeshift, is derivational and stative. It indicates a haphazard, temporary, or makeshift object, literal or figurative as referenced by the stem-word. This suffix indicates and includes all things or ideas that seemly have a hardy exterior or possess a temporary able state.

Lexical suffix -útyeɁ is a compound of, ut, able state, and -eyeɁ, appears to be, pretends to be.

  • t̕iimútyeɁ dew.
  • ɬx̌ʷmútyeɁ – sewn together quickly. (there is no hemming and/or the stitching is loose thus leaving gaps or holes)
  • kʷnmútyeɁ – hug; hold temporarily.  (an impersonal hug) 
  • ččn̓mútyeɁ – lead to move a little.  (i.e., readjusting s.o.’s position, etc.)
  • x̌ccmútyeɁ – become traveling partners for a short period.
  • k̓ʷl̕mútyeɁ – make/do something haphazardly.
  • sqʷmátyeɁ – coin.
  • q̓ymútyeɁ tipi. (also, q̓ymu)
  • kʷnutyeɁm to catch temporarily, to grab temporarily.
  • ies kʷnutyeɁm – I am grabbing it temporarily.
  • kʷnutyeɁn – I grabbed it temporarily.
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