-š, for the purpose/aim/goal of

Suffix, , for the purpose of, for the aim/goal of. This suffix indicates the act of the root/stem word is performed for the purpose of something. To do a direct act for an indirect entity. The act can be viewed as benefactive or malefactive.

This suffix adds This suffix is one of four transitive suffixes, the others: -n, -s, -ɬ. which appears to be incorporated in a number of root words. It is different than the intransitive imperative suffix, -iš, and the indirective applicative suffix, -ši, benefative/malefactive/goal.

  • , for the purpose of, for the aim/goal of.
    • npilš, enter
    • q̓ʷuƛ̓š, race
    • k̓ʷen̓š, show
    • ɬaqʷš, show, make appear
    • wenš, dance
    • sšen̓š, rock
    • tinš, tendons, sinew
    • mulš, cottonwood tree
    • čelš, hand
    • ʕitš, sleep
    • -ilš, autonomous
    • -šlš, to the point of
    • -šn, foot
    • -šin, foot
    • -esšn̓, stone
  • -eš,
    • p̓seš, gather wood
    • tyeš, crawl
    • swmeš, spiritual power
  • -iš,
  • k̓ʷɬ-čic-š, arrive at, as the goal/aim.
    • čic, arrive at.
    • k̓ʷɬ-, within/under.
    • , the aim/point.
  • n-pil-š, enter. To have an unrigid form inside.
    • pil, unrigid form. In reference to the bending of the body to enter a lodge.
    • n-, inside.
    • , the aim/point.
  • lem-lm-t-š, thank you. It is a thankful aim/goal.
    • lem, happy/glad.
    • -t, stative.
    • , the aim/point.

-š-lš, co-occurring with suffix, ilš, autonomous

wis, upward/forward extending form, a bound root word, eventive activity. This word is is only found and used with affixes. The use of the locational prefix, n-, inside, in the nwist, up high, indicates wis is formative and has an inside location. The word nwist takes into account the entire structure/form that allows for something to exist in an upward extended location.

Eventive test with stative suffix, -t. Stative suffix -t can only attach to eventive roots.

  • n-wis-š-lš, raise up. Raise up into for a specific aim.
    • n-wis-t, up high
    • wis-šn, long
  • wis-š-lš, drive/move forward
  • us-š-lš
  • ečs-wi-š, standing. eč-s-wi(s)-š, upward extended form for a specific aim.
  • ɬaq-š-lš, sit down. Autonomously land down at a specific point/aim.
    • ɬaq, land down
  • te-š-lš, stand up
  • sipšlš, translocate, move from one spot to another
  • cilšlš, trot
  • čɬk̓ʷit̕šlš, hop/jump over
  • kʷumšlš, go away from water
  • nyek̓ʷšlš, pass to the other side
  • k̓ʷic̓šlš, tip over
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