-éneɁ, loose association

Lexical suffix, -éneɁ (w/ stressed-stem, -neɁ), loose association, is locational and derivational. It indicates a loosely associated position adjacent to something referenced in the stem-word. A, loose association, includes all things that can take an adjacent position to something and are movable (pliable, flexible, separable, etc.) or ethereal (weather, season, sound, etc.). It is used extensively to describe all aspects of the ear and the reception of sound.

Lexical suffix -éneɁ is a compound of the suffixes, -en, adjacent, and -eɁ, outward expression.

This suffix generally relates to aspects of the ear. It is also used in all manner of words that relate to covering and to inundation.

The visible ear (human or animal), as an object, is positioned ‘adjacent’ to the head. In general, it protrudes out and away from the head. It has a flexible and pliable structure. Fitting with the description of this suffix, the ear is ‘loosely associated’ with the head. It is movable in that you can manipulate the outer ear structure. This is also true of animals ears. The hallmark of an ear is pliable, flexible, movable outer structure situated adjacent to the head.

Sound in the worldview of Nselišcn is an ethereal object. By nature, it is a fleeting feature, semelfactive. Sound is temporary and all encompassing (inundating). It has a loose association in its position with sound-wave detection, it is momentary. Each distinct and discreet sound when received in the ear is instantaneous. By this nature of sound and with the inward focusing prefix, n-, the reception of sound is derived with co-occurring affixes, n-/ /-éneɁ.

Suffix, -éneɁ, loose association, derives a stative stem word; it derives a specific focus with co-occurring prefixes; it compounds with other lexical suffixes to derive a refined lexical suffix. This suffix is found in four word-forming patterns.

  • /stem-word/-éneɁ
  • prefix-/stem-word/-éneɁ
  • /stem-word/-[lexical suffix]-neɁ
  • /stem-word/-éne-[lexical suffix]

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