-éneɁ, loose association

/stem-word/-[lexical suffix]-neɁ

ép-neɁ, jaw, lower mouth, lower covering; adjacent to the base.

  • n-/ /-épneɁ, mouthful, internal lower mouth.
    • nk‍̓‍ʷ-epneɁ, one mouthful, another mouthful.
    • n-esl-epneɁ, two mouthfuls.
    • n-c̓‍l-epneɁ, stick/plant in mouth.
    • n-túm-pne, kiss/suck side of mouth.
    • n-št̕-epneɁ, sticking out of mouth; to smoke cigars.
    • n-tuč-epneɁ, stiff jaw.
  • č-/ /-epneɁ, side tress
    • s-č-ch-epneɁ, right side tress.

/stem-word/-éne-[lexical suffix]

-ána-qn, at the ear; top of ear; above ear.

  • n-/ /-anaqn, side of head at top of ear; focused on the top of the ear.
    • n-t̕qʷ-anaqn, slap side of head at ears.

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