stem̓ – What?

S-tem̓ is the nominalized form of tem̓, what use?

tem̓, what use? Take care of what? It’s have responsibility for what?

  • tem̓tn, what is it used for?
  • tem̓mn, what do I do with it?
  • tem̓mis, what does s/he do with it?

Stem̓ and the reduplicated form, stm̓tem̓ is used as a place holder, when a speaker does not know or cannot remember a more precise word, or when a speaker chooses to generalize or be vague.

  • ta stem̓, nothing
  • tɁe stem̓, something
  • ta pistem̓, never
  • x̌ʷa stem̓, some thing, not sure?
    • x̌ʷa stem̓ u k̓ʷʕnten, I bit something.
  • stem̓ ɬiše l̕ šušweɬ, What is that on the road?
  • t stem̓ u es susti, What is s/he drinking?
  • ta esmistén stem̓ ɬu esk̓ʷul̕ms, I don’t know what s/he is doing.
  • tl̕ stem̓ u esk̓ʷul̕, what is it made of?
  • ac̓x̌n stem̓ ɬu sck̓ʷul̕s, I looked at what s/he made?
  • stem̓ ɬu asnɁemtéw̓sm, what are you waiting for?
  • n̓em stem̓ ɬu nk̓ʷen̓is, what will s/he choose?
  • stem̓ aspuus, what is your heart? What is your thinking? What are your thoughts? What’s on your mind?

x̌ʷl̕ stem̓, why? For what?

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