exʷ kʷ ck̓ʷɬčic ye l̕ x̌ʷa ec̓ʕx̌lsʕaw

Affixes that reference time positions of an event.
The states of being, to be human.

Base Numbers

  • nk̓ʷuɁ, one. nk̓ʷ, one; -uɁ, appears outward. Refers to the extended thumb.
  • ʕsel (esel), two. ʕs, diverge; -el, to be the purpose of. Refers to either the divergence of the thumb and pointer finger or pointer finger and middle finger.
  • čʕɬe, three. čʕ, reveal; , through to; -ečst, hand. Refers to revealing either the middle finger or the ring finger as passing through the midpoint of the hand.
  • mus, four. Also refers to feeling/reaching with the extended fingers, to also wish as a metaphor of the same.
  • cil, five. Extending all fingers.
  • t̕aq̓n, six. t̕aq̓, out away; -n, interaction with adjacent. Refers to a single digit on the opposite hand extending and interacting with the total.
  • sisp̓l̕, seven. sip̓, strike with object; -l, function, aim, goal; diminutive reduplication. Refers to the second digit extending and ‘hitting’ the first digit already extended.
  • heʕ̓nm, eight. heʕ̓, eight; -n, interaction with adjacent; -m anitpassive.
  • x̌x̌n̓ut, nine. x̌n, before completion; -ut, temporary state; diminutive reduplication. Refers to the near completed state of the complete set of ten fingers.
  • ʕupn, ten. ʕup, appears concluded; -n, interaction with adjacent. Refers to ten as the complete set of fingers.
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