c- cis-locative

Prefix c-, is locational indicating a spatial/temporal vector directed at the speaker. It directs the act of the root/stem word toward the speaker of the act. This act can be time referenced, as saying “to now” or the act is translocative as say “come here.”

The example below illustrates the locative feature of prefix c-. The speaker of the the first word is in a position outside of some structure. The speaker indicates that someone came outside, in the direction of the speaker uttering the word. In the example without the prefix, the speaker is positioning the perspective from inside some structure. The speaker indicates that someone went outside.

  • cʕocqeɁ, S/he/it came outside.
    • ʕocqeɁ, S/he/it went outside.
  • cxʷuy, S/he/it came here, the time came to now.
    • xʷuy, S/he/it went, time went by.
  • ckʷent, bring it here.
    • kʷent, take/grab it.
  • ckʷʕal, the plant grew out, it sprouted.
    • kʷʕal, it grew.
  • cnʕuɬxʷ, S/he/it came inside.
    • nʕuɬxʷ, S/he/it went inside.
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