-el, body connected

Lexical suffix, –el, body connected, is locative and derivational. It also compounds in other lexical suffixes. It indicates a connection to a larger body, literally and figuratively. It is found extensively in body part and body related suffixes. It indicates an appendage as it connects to the body, as a person/family belonging to and connected to a tribe/band, etc. It relates to projectiles as an arrowhead connects to an arrow shaft, and, by extension, bullets, ammunition, etc.

  • -alq, phallic. (-el, -aq)
  • -alqs, clothing. (-el, -aq, -us)
  • -elixʷ, tribe, people, nation. (-el, -ixʷ)
  • -elxʷ, exterior, skin, hide. (-el, -xʷ)
  • -elp, substitute. (-el, -ep)
  • -elps, neck. (-el, -ep, -us)
  • -elpstšn, thigh. (-el, -ep, -us, -t, -šin)
  • -elqstšn, hamstring. (-el, -aq, -us, -t, -šin)
  • -els, feel, want, connected emergence. (-el, -us)
  • -elsčn̓, antler, horn. (-el, -us, -ičn̓)
  • -elx̌n, upper arm. (-el, -ax̌n)
  • -elst, arrowhead, projectile. (-el, -us, -t)
  • -eltn, process food. (-el, -tin)
  • -elt, child. (-el, -t)
  • -epls, testicle. (-ep, -el, -us)
  • -lexʷ, form, shape of. (-el, -eɁ, -xʷ)
  • -lk̓ʷp, firewood, fuel. (-el, -k̓ʷ, -ep)
  • -m̓elixʷ, whole back. (-m, -el, -ixʷ)
  • -úleɁxʷ, land. (-el, -eɁ, -xʷ
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