-s, self-act at/to something

Lexemic suffix -s indicates a transference of self-activated/conscious act to/at/with some implied entity. The suffix denotes an intrinsic act from consciousness or by design/function/intention – this act directs to/at/with. This suffix forms the basis of the causative transitive, -st. Commonly, this suffix is used to indicate the concepts of fire/fruit, face/eye, hole/opening, etc.

Openings, holes, and starting positions are origins to someplace, with the potential to act at/with whatever may be beyond. Fire and fruit, by design/function, self-act at entities visually (fire, fruit) and directly (fire). Fruit originates from and self-acts from a point, from the bud or flower. The face, the first part of the body to enter this world, is the origin of identity and represents the potential to self-activate at/to the world/reality revealing directional action; similarly, the eyes are the origin to act with reality. Direction is abstracted from this sense of a self-acting origin, as a path or road appear in the distance self-acting at/with perception. To point the face in a direction is to perceive the act as acting at/with a new portion of reality. This is perceived through vision and the eyes. All manner of eye descriptions and vision traits are expressed with this suffix. Common usage for descriptions of eye/face, fire/fruit, obscure the underlying meaning, originate an act at/to/with some implied entity. The vowels add

  • -as, significant self-act to/at something.
    • čpt̕asm, splatter on the eye/face.
  • -es, be the self-acting to/at something, being the cause of.
    • ʕ̓nes (enes), on the way to somewhere, enroute.
  • -is, come to be the self-act to/at something, self-acted to/at something
    • -ist, creates an intransitive reflexive, a stative developed self-act or act of design to/at/with something.
  • -us, of itself/by design self-acts to/at something.
    • kʷtnus
  • alqs, clothing. (el, -aq, -s)
  • -aqs, emergence fore, nose, road. (-aq, -s)
  • -aqstšn, leg. (-aq, -s, -t, -šn)
  • -aqsus, group. (-aq, -s, -w̓, -s)
  • -elps, neck. (el, ep, -s)
  • -elpstšn, thigh. (el, ep, -s, -t, šn)
  • -elqstšn, hamstring. (el, -aq, -s, -t, šn)
  • -els, feel, want, connected emergence. (el, -s)
  • -elsčn̓, antler, horn. (el, -s, -čn̓)
  • -elst, arrowhead, projectile. (el, -s, -t)
  • -epls, testicle. (ep, el, -s)
  • -eys, transmute, rain, teeth. (-ey, -s)
  • -posqn, lips. (ep, -w, -s, -qn)
  • -posx̌n, upper arm. (ep, -w, -s, -x̌n)
  • -pustšn, step. (ep, -us, -t, -šn)
  • -sew̓s, face to face, connected, opposed. (-s, -ew̓s)
  • -usšn, hip. (-us, -šn)
  • -usčst, knuckle. (-us, -čst)
  • -w̓sus, forelock. (-w̓, -s, -us)
  • čcnus, arrive at the start, origin, beginning.
  • šitus, first origin, beginning, start.
  • x̌ʷlč̓musšn, to the extent of the intermediate origin interacting with existence; ancestor.
    • xʷl- č̓m -us -šn
    • xʷl-, an intermediate position.
    • č̓m, the extremity, to the reach of.
    • -us, originate at.
    • -šin, the interaction with space/time, with existence; foot/leg.
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