-c, demarcative

Lexemic suffix, -c, demarcative, is non-productive and occurs as a compound in lexical suffixes or affixed to a root word forming a lexemic stem. This suffix demarcates a boundry, an edge, transitive, a separative.

  • -c, demarcative.
    • -cin, transition point, mouth, voice, edge, etc.
    • -cnečst, wrist.
    • -cinšn, ankle.
    • -cnetkʷ, water edge.
    • axʷcč, chest.
    • sinceɁ, little brother.
    • tixʷcč, tongue.
  • -ic, developed edge/boundry.
    • sʕʷlšict, solši, fire.
  • -ec, be the demarcation.
    • kʷkʷɁec, night.
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