-č, completely

Lexemic suffix, , completely, all the way, is non-productive and occurs as a compound in lexical suffixes or affixed to a root word forming a lexemic stem. This suffix adds an expression that incorporates the entire event/state to its meaning. The root word šil describing a chop act, provides a good example to illustrate the concept of suffix, . It refers to the rotation of something off a pivot, as chopping with an axe/knife, the pivot is either on the shoulder or elbow. čn šlim, I chopped something. Adding to šil derives, šlič, rotate 360, turn around, go all the way around.

  • , completely, all the way
    • ʕsčen, gather
    • qecč, older brother
    • sehč, onion
    • st̕mčɁelt, daughter. t̕m is close by, -č, enduring, always. The child kept close by.
    • ɬq̓eneɁč, minnow
    • ɬcicč, mother in law
    • smɬič, salmon
    • tixʷcč, tongue
    • axʷcč, chest.
    • enč, within side walls.
    • -tč, durative state, permanent statesʕistč, winter time.
      • pentč, forever
      • ʕax̌tčim, busy at something.
  • -eč, fully, all encompassing
    • ƛ̓ʕeč, appear out
    • mneč, excrement
    • es p̓ʕeč, toast
    • snečɬc̓eɁ, cow elk.
    • ečs, hand.
  • -ič, whole spread, full process
    • šlič, go around
    • twič – sore/stiff
    • kʷcič, fall out of perpendicular
    • -ičn̓, back
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