-xʷ, essence, outer facing

This lexemic suffix indicates the outer form of something/sometime. It refers to the out facing dimension of some object or some time period/event.

  • č̓ʕ, open, unveiled, revealed.
    • č̓ʕxʷem – reveal the inside, take off protective cover, skin.
  • pen, time period, event.
    • pnxʷep – arrive right at the start of something; have good timing.
  • kʷen, take.
    • kʷenxʷ – take essence, to take/hold the outer form.
    • k̓ʷɬkʷenxʷcn – answer, held essence within speak.
  • yel, surround.
    • yelxʷ – conceal, surround the outer form.
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