The image above illustrates the suffixes used to indicate positions of an event and a change in event. The arrows indicate the flow of time and space as proceeding through an event.

In linguistics, a suffix (sometimes termed postfix) is an affix which is placed after the stem of a word, (Wikipedia: “Suffix,” n.d.). In nselišcn, there are three types of suffixes:

  • Lexemic Suffix
  • Derivational Suffix
  • Inflectional Suffix

Lexemic Suffix

Derivational Suffix

Aspect suffix

  • -t, stative
  • -i, continuative
  • -ilš, autonomous
  • -wilš, develomental
  • -lwis, iterative
  • ip, inchoative, inception of changed state
  • -up, inchoative semelfactive
  • -nuxʷ, period, eventive
  • -numt, reach a state from effort
  • -mnuxʷ, process through period/event

Control Suffix

  • -nu, out of control, effort
  • -mi, relational

Voice Suffix

  • -m, passive
  • -əm, antipassive
  • -ši, indefinite

Inflectional Suffix

Transitive Suffix

  • -nt, transitive
  • -st, causative
  • -ɬul, first & second person plural transitive
  • -ɬt, applicative substitutive
  • -šit, applicative benefactive

Subject affixes

  • -en, first person subject
  • -exʷ, second person subject
  • -es, third person subject
  • qeɁ-, first person plural subject
  • -t, second person plural subject
  • -eɁes, third person plural subject

Object affixes

  • qʷo- first person object
  • -ci, second person object
  • qeɁ-/ /-l, first person plural object
  • -em, second person plural object

Imperative Suffix

  • , intransitive imperative
  • -wi, plrual intransitive imperative
  • -šiš, indefinite intransitive imperative
  • -int, transitive imperative
  • -inti, plural transitive imperative
  • -iskʷ, causative imperative
  • -iskʷi, plural causative imperative
  • -šit, benefactive imperative
  • -šiti, plural benefactive imperative

Lexical Suffix

  • -aɬq, accompaniment
  • -asq̓t, day
  • -aya, billowed
  • -cin, transition point
  • -el, body connected, projectile
  • -elp, substitute
  • -els, desiderative, sense
  • -elt, child
  • -eltn, process
  • -el̕, intransitive success
  • -éneɁ, loose association
  • -ep, primal position
  • -epcn, sweat fire
  • -épleɁ, higher order
  • -esɬl, fish
  • -estn, container
  • -ew̓ɬ, watercraft
  • -éyeɁ, pretend
  • -eys, transmute
  • -lexʷ, formation
  • -lk̓ʷp, fuel, firewood
  • -ɬtumš, act in exalted position
  • -qin, culminative
  • -úleɁxʷ, area
  • -us, origin, source
  • -utiyeɁ, haphazard, crude

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