Nominalization is the process of turning verbs in to nominals by affixation.

  • Prefix Nominals
  • Suffix Nominals
  • Instrumental
  • Agentive
  • Locational
  • Names
    • Plants and Animals
    • Human

Prefix Nominals

Suffix Nominals

  • -mn, at to some use. Instrumental.
  • -min, does to come to act to/at/with something. Instrumental, resultative.
  • -tn, that which is the act to/at/with something. Agentive
  • -tin, that which comes to act to/at/with something. Agentive, resultative.
  • -mintn, used for doing to something. Agentive
  • -cutn, that which does to one. Agentive
  • -emn, inclined to do. Be the doing to act to/at/with something. Instrumental, experiential.

Instrumental Affixes

Locational Affixes

Agentive Affixes

Names and Naming

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