Nominalization is the process of turning verbs or other parts of speech into nouns (nominals) by affixation. Nominals are words that function as nouns.  In Salish full words can be changed to noun-like words, nominals, by adding an affix. Salish employs a range of affixes for nominalization. These affixes are used to create nouns that describe agents, instruments, habitual actions, desires, and more.

  • Prefix Nominals
  • Suffix Nominals
  • Instrumental
  • Agentive
  • Locational
  • Names
    • Plants and Animals
    • Human

Prefix Nominals

Suffix Nominals

  • -mn, at to some use. Instrumental.
  • -min, does to come to act to/at/with something. Instrumental, resultative.
  • -tn, that which is the act to/at/with something. Agentive
  • -tin, that which comes to act to/at/with something. Agentive, resultative.
  • -mintn, used for doing to something. Agentive
  • -cutn, that which does to one. Agentive
  • -emn, inclined to do. Be the doing to act to/at/with something. Instrumental, experiential.

Instrumental Affixes

Locational Affixes

Agentive Affixes

Names and Naming

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