s- nominal

Nominalization is a process of making a verb into a noun. In Salish, nominalization can be done with a prefix or a suffix. In English, this is done by adding an ending to the verb or changing the verb into a noun form. For example, the verb “create” can be nominalized to “creation.”

Prefix s- changes a verb to a nominal form.

  • sʕiɬn, food, something that is eaten.
    • ʕiɬn, s/he/it ate something.
  • sxʷist, the walk.
    • xʷist, s/he/it walked.
  • sʕitš, the sleep.
    • ʕitš, s/he/it slept.


When a word starts with s-

The letter n is dropped before s.

  • i-snsustn, my cup
    • in-luk̓ʷ, my wood
  • a-snsustn, your cup
    • an-luk̓ʷ, your wood

The letter ɬ is dropped before s

  • epsnčɬemutn, she has a chair
    • epɬčluk̓ʷc̓eɁ, she has a box
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