-y, transform

Lexemic suffix, –y, transform, changing. Alone this suffix is non-productive and only occurs as a compound in lexical suffixes.

  • -y, transform, changing.
    • -yxʷ, transform outer dimension/form. (-y, -xʷ)
      • -elyxʷ, being the multiple changing form, people. (-el, -y, -xʷ)
    • -yeɁ, transform outwardly expressing. (-y, -eɁ)
      • -atyeɁ, special state changing outwardly. (-at, -y, -eɁ)
      • útyeɁ, makeshift. (-ut, -yeɁ)
    • -ys, changing self-act at/to. (-y, -s)
      • -yst, transfrom self-acting at state. (-y, -s, -t)
    • -ywt, transfrom group state. (-y, -w, -t)
    • -yewt, transfrom being the group state. (-y, -ew, -t)
    • -yaɁqn, whole head, transfrom significant outward top. (-y, -aɁ, -qn)
  • -ey, be the transforming, changing.
    • -eys, transmute. (-ey, -s)
    • -éyeɁ, appears to be, pretends to be.m (-ey, -eɁ)
  • -ay, significant transformation.
    • -áyaɁqn, whole head, billowed. (-ay, -aɁ, -qn)
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